About me

  • Name Elise Vanoorbeek
  • Home Liège, Belgium
  • Nationality Belgian
  • Trade Graphic designer
  • Birthday 28/10/1991
  • Size 1.56m
  • I Am A scout
  • I play Flute
  • I love Tea & Electro Swing
  • Physically A girl
  • Mentally A boy

I draw since I am able to hold a pencil, it's my passion. I also followed a year of drawing classes at ESA St. Luc Liège. After that, I headed to the advertising and graphic design.

Recently, I am interested in digital art. Mostly, my illustrations are made on computer, and I begin to scribble on ipad. But I always start with a pencil sketch.

In my drawings, I like to mix beautiful typography, bright colors and weird characters.

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+32 (0)497 99 26 23
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