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How does it work if I want a personal project for a tattoo ?

You explain me your project, and I ask you a first payment of 60€ (sometimes it’s more if the project is more important). I show you a first proposition, and you tell me if you want some modifications. Depending on the changes requested, I ask a second payment (often, it’s 10€ or 20€). And so on until you reach the result you like.

How can I receive a flash I want to buy ?

I send you by post or by e-mail (you choose what you prefer) the flash you want to buy. Only one sale per flash, they are all unique pieces !

Are you able to tattoo your own drawings ?

I’m actually a tattoo apprentice since june 2018 at Nameless Tattoo Shop – Liège. Right now, I only can make simple little pieces. But for bigger tattoos designs, I’m in collaboration with the tattoo artist Moska, she agrees to tattoo my illustrations !

Can I use your artwork as a tattoo ?

It’s always flattering when someone would like to put your work on their body forever ! So yes, it’s possible ! For artworks, you just have to buy the drawing… but I can not promise that it will be a unique piece.

Can I use your artwork as a mural painting ?

Yes ! If it’s the case, I only ask for material and travel expenses. But, I reproduce only once an artwork on a wall. Remark: all types of wall can not be suitable for this kind of drawing : I only can do that on a smooth wall.

I would like a mural painting at home, how does it work ?

An outside or inside wall to decorate ? Woupi ! If you let me choose the subject of the drawing or if you want an artwork I made, I only ask for material and travel expenses. Otherwise, I count 100 € / day. Send me your demand, I’ll make a quotation !

Why « Doud » ?

“Doud” is a diminutive of my scout totem « Douroucouli » : it’s a tiny monkey very very noisy with bulging eyes. My friends will tell you that this totem fits me perfectly, and I agree !